ML Cares Foundation is the long-founded commitment of M Lhuillier to promote social responsibility. It has been supporting multiple charitable activities since it was established. It was created as a way of giving back to the community and touching the lives of people that the company cares about.

The foundation launched programs such as the Livelihood Program, Communal Garden Projects, Adopt a School Program, Tree-planting Programs, and Community Health Programs 


Rapid Relief For Victims of the Mount Kanlaon Eruption

LATEST ·  JULY 8, 2024

Natural disasters are among the most devastating events that can shatter the fabric of a community. On June 3, 2024, the residents of the Pontevedra region in Negros Occidental found themselves at the mercy of such a calamity when Mount Canlaon, a volcano that had lain dormant for nearly two decades, suddenly roared back to life around 6:51 pm. The eruption rained down a torrent of stones and sulfur on the nearby villages, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

Cleanliness and Healthy Habits: Promoting Hand Hygiens in Schools

JUNE 24, 2024

In 2016, the Department of Education issued DEPED Order No. 10, the "Policy and Guidelines on the Comprehensive Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene in Schools (WINS) Program." This directive aimed to improve access to adequate water supply, functional toilets, and effective hygiene promotion in schools, recognizing the vital importance of WASH in supporting the learning outcomes of children.

Vibrant Hues and Bountiful Harvest: The Pahiyas Festival in Lucban

JUNE 22, 2024

Lucban, Quezon Province - The streets of Lucban were awash in a vibrant tapestry of colors and cultures as the renowned Pahiyas Festival once again unfolded in this picturesque town.

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